Release 14 is here

The Digital Twin for Design and Operations

Data center decision makers lack the data they need to fully understand and meet the increasing infrastructure, power and cooling demands they are facing in the data center industry today. To make it easier to get the right data to meet such demands quickly, we have made significant changes to our software with Release 14 by improving the performance and interface of the data center digital twin.

Release 14 of 6SigmaDCX focuses on streamlining the capacity planning process, improving operations and consolidating the solve process. Here’s what’s new:

Release 14 Features

6SigmaAccess Dashboards

  • Track Power, Cooling, Space and Inventory
  • Plot options in customizable pie charts, bar graphs and timelines
  • Create dashboards that illustrate data for one data center or a group of data centers
  • Each dashboard is unique to the user: see the data most important to you at a glance

6SigmaAccess Power Connections

  • Connect new or existing cabinets to PDUs and breakers
  • Add additional rack PDUs to racks
  • Connect new IT equipment to rack PDUs

6SigmaAccess LOADING BAY

  • Create new items from scratch and store in the Loading Bay for deployment
  • Seamlessly decommission assets from room to the Loading Bay
  • Bulk import IT equipment through CSV


  • Assign customizable statuses to cabinets and IT equipment
  • Indicate more specific statuses than the three previous status options (i.e. Planned Installation, Installed and Planned Decommission)
  • View all cabinets or IT equipment that fall under different statuses using the Standard View

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Custom Status


  • Align cabinets by snapping a rack to the edge of another rack with blue graphical handles
  • Move a cabinet or a group of cabinets forwards, backwards or sideways with blue graphical handles
  • Rotate cabinets in increments of 90 degrees with red graphical handles


  • Leverage spreadsheets or any one of our major integrations as a starting point to store and display data​
  • Display time-based data such as power, temperature or any metric on IT or racks
  • Visually plot data on objects


  • Create a 1D liquid side network of piping and flow devices to replicate the Chilled Water Infrastructure
  • Connect the liquid side network to the 3D cooling units in the digital twin to adjust cooling performance automatically
  • Fail parts of the cooling and power infrastructure to assess the impact on the 1D chilled water system and the 3D data centers

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1D Liquid Side Network

6SigmaRoom Data Network Module

  • Design and manage the logical network, physical cabling and ports infrastructure in your data center ​
  • Build data network connections via a new, easy-to-use interface with the Connections window
  • Analyze your port capacity with a range of new visualizations

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Data Network Module